Dear God, I wish I could ask that You let me have this moment forever.. an enternity gratefully spent watching my love sleep peacefully under your loving light.

But instead, I pray that You take him where he must go, that You go with him and keep his hand in Yours always.. hold him when he stumbles and don’t let him fall..

Lord, I can’t hold him in my arms forever, I can’t keep him safe.. He’s not mine to give, but I give him to You regardless, to hold in Your loving arms, to watch over him day and night, to guide his every step and keep him from hurting himself.

And if it be your will, please bring him back to me.. so that the endless love You placed in my every fiber can be home again.

Please take care of my Dorian..


The Cabin

The heat and the blazing fire; the sound of wood burning, of synced heartbeats and slow breaths. It’s late, or too early.. but they don’t know; their love keeps no track of time, no fear of limits or ends.

He begins to pray and her brush freezes on the canvas; she closes her eyes, his silent prayer alive in her ears. The whole world grows still for a while.. then their eyes meet again and smile at each other, a thousand words hidden in a warm gaze.

Now God is with them; on their burning skin and their heavy eyelids, on their lips and the ends of their fingers. They draw close, quietly drifting towards each other like lost stars until they melt together irrevocably, their eternety promised once more..