Duct Tape

Acceptance is like duct tape. Go round around and layer it up, make sure there’s no space for any YOU to come out. Be WHO you have to, do WHAT you must and keep all else tightly sealed so that it doesn’t escape to fight this pathetic self you’ve walked around in for so long.

No, no! Don’t take it off! it’s comfortable, it looks pretty, and you can’t remember what’s underneath. If there’s anything left, if there ever was…

The ragged truth cannot be worn outside, surely! You can only wear it in the darkest corners, in the most desperate hours. You can only show it to loneliness and to despair, not to the world. Don’t show it to the world…


War dance

There’s no fight quite as fierce as the one with yourself. When the weapons keep changing and no one ever wins, or looses, or leaves.. the struggle is constant and painful and there’s no giving up.

Sometimes you think you can freeze, pretend that you’re dead and keep still; pretend that if you hide for a while, maybe you’re free. Maybe you could breath. Oh, you could finally breath.. But the air stops in your throat as you choke back into that cursed war you’ve been fighting for ever. No, no. no! There’s no breathing for you, girl; there’s no peace.

So come out of your hiding place or I’ll drag you. Come out an do what has to be done, even if your every limb is held down by a thousand stones. Heave, and push and cry if you must, but keep dancing that war dance you know so well. Keep fighting that battle that may never end until the stones win and you’re dragged down, and buried and lost…